I was introduced to this practice as a retail worker. At my store a lady came to pass out free massages. I tried it & it was absolutely amazing. Well time past & I started working in a new career field. Well as soon as I got injured on the job, this place was the 1st place that came to my mind. I stopped the ER, I skipped going to a regular doctor to get prescription drugs for my injury (knee) & I DON’T REGRET IT !! If I could come every day I would. But its a blessing knowing that special care & thoughts are put into the recovery. And no sitting around waiting hours & hours. The staff is friendly & professional. Most of them (that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting) are strong in their faith & seem to love what they do. Again, I’m thankful & grateful!!

God works in mysterious & miraculous ways!! BLESSINGS & PROSPERITY…

Danielle L.

School Teacher

I had bad problems with my left Hip and lower back. I visited several chiropractors but no help! I was told by my daughter to visit here. SUPER!! I can walk w/o pain and my back is back to normal!! Thanks!!

Paul G.

He is very thorough and caring. He takes a personal approach towards his patients. His office staff is nice. He has a lot of equipment in his office. He is very up-to-date in equipment and knowledge about natural ways of healing.

Lisa M.

Dermal Rejuvenation cream has made a definite difference in my skin texture and wrinkles my wrinkles have seen reduced fine lines. I’m in my late 60’s and have my fair share. I’m thrilled with the results and am sharing this with my friends.

Marilyn P.

Before I came here, I was having really bad knee pain. I had visited at least 3 other doctors and was told nothing was wrong. When I came here, the doctor started his therapy and gave me medications, as soon as I left I could already feel that my knee was getting better, unlike other doctors I went to. So I am very thankful for Dr. Sam and his staff for helping me get better.

Caesar M.

I felt much better after my appointment. My pain was greatly reduced. They paid close attention to me and all of my questions were answered. Their staff is very friendly and professional. I was very satisfied with my visit. They were helpful and I left feeling encouraged. The office was easy enough to find.

R. H.

The long and winding road…

The Beatles have a very beautiful and haunting tune called “The long and winding road.

The song talks about the journey to a loved ones door; but first finding love and strength inside ones-self to make the initial journey.

Coming to the clinic of Dr.A was after being on an endless road to false promises and predictions of when I would be out of pain. Sometimes in life because of who we are, or our ethnic background, or previous health disposition; We are treated with disdain, or even told we cannot heal.

Dr. Aljamal never decided for me what was possible in my healing he provided me with the herbology, fruits and veggie supplementation, adjustments, massage, and a belief in the impossible

He never judged my experience or where I felt my life was headed, this allowed me to relax, and allow my mind, body and spirit to do what “The creator” envisioned for my body to do heal and live in the promise of life’s goodness.

Oprah is quoted as saying “when we know better, we do better “I know my life is now worth protecting, nurturing and preserving for it is a gift. Not only did Dr.

Aljamal work on my structure, he raised my blood work to above normal levels.

This is without me being on medication for over two years. My blood work is totally normal and there is no trace of any virus in my blood.

Miracle, Yes! It is so good to know that in my hour of need; he was a professional, a confidant but most of all someone who looked beyond the surface to see my needs, and validate my humanity.

It does not end there….

If you are contemplating walking out that door because you feel what you hear is not possible for you REMEMBER: you have been down that long and winding road, you have been judged because your health is inferior, you have been sick from toxic drugs clogging up your system, you have been using drugs that are killing your hopes, dreams, inspiration, soul and your belief in why you were born .

I was there, right where you are sitting; ready to give up hoping and praying I would not wake up; feeling like the very heavens mocked my existence.

Dr. Ajamal Became part of a team which consisted of my angels (my mother and baby sister) both who past away; my partner of 17 years; my mind, body, spirit and most of all my high power and together we saved my life. Give life a chance, you were sent to this world as a gift. If you do not feel loved, I can honestly say we are all connected there is love, unconditional love for you; For if I love myself then I have to love you .(I am sober today due to Dr. A !)

So get up, Dust yourself off and give this clinic and the staff and Dr. Aljamal a chance to show you that the longest journey begins with a single step, that step is the step you are going to make into the life that will bless you and your family, the life that will bring this earth closer to heaven, the life that is your destiny!

Now go to it!


I tore my Hamstring while running in a track meet and the pain was so bad that I couldn’t run regularly and my leg was very swollen. After being treated by DR.A. my leg is tremendously better! The pain is 99.9% gone all from one treatment. After a sports massage and laser treatment my leg is on its way back to being completely healthy! Thank you DR.A !

Milan F.

Dear Dr. and staff, Thank you for making me feel better. I have no doubt in mind that I have met the right D. for me! I used to have migraines all the time, everyday By taking the natural medicines now I feel 100 times better than I ever have! 

Thank you !

Vicky H.

Sweet Friends,

Dr. Aljamal and his loving and skilled staff go out of their way to give you the best care. With every visit, my back and neck feel better. I am so grateful to Dr. Aljamal sweet manner and wonderful knowledge. His staff is just as wonderful. I could sing from the highest mountain of how much better I feel.

Thank you,

Paige K.

Thank you for all your care and focus not just on one thing but my entire health. When you asked me about any other health issues. I was reluctant to tell you since I was already told the embarrassing stomach noise was just part of what I would have to go through. You told me of two different pills you had and even told me if they don’t work in a month I can get my money back. It’s been 3 weeks and they have made my anxiety of my stomach noise go away. I no longer have it as bad, and every week goes by it is less and less. Thank you again!!!

Angela V.

I want to take a moment to praise the work this office is doing and has done for me. From day one it was nothing but professional, knowledgeable, personalized and caring. Dr. Aljamal and his wonderful staff (I love these ladies) have helped my body heal.

I was in a traumatizing wreck 5 yrs ago and a doctor after 1 yr of therapy released me stating that the pain would linger but would be manageable and it was the best I could hope for in results considering my injuries. My spine had been severely twisted.


I have been here plenty of times & I honestly think it helps. The service is friendly and they really care. The medicine they give works too. They have made life easier not having to worry about pains. So, thank you & keep it up!

J. J.

The first place we always come to is this clinic. The doctor always makes us feel better. 

Thank you.

E. D.

I feel I have found a Dr. that can help me. I always feel so much better when I leave. The staff is the best.

Linda M.

Thanks to Dr. Aljamal and his staff for helping my mother feel so much better, From our family thanks so much. And especially from her son Benjamin.

Benjamin M.

After being diagnosed by a Podiatrist with Plantar Fasciities in both feet, and was getting no better. So I decided to come see Dr. Sam after only one treatment the pain and burning in my arch was nearly gone. Today is my 3rd visit and I am 100% better and nearly healed. Dr. Sam has helped me in the past for muscle spasms. He and his staff are Super! I can’t say enough.

Pat W.

I took my ten year old son to the emergency because his left foot was hurting, they did x-rays and said everything was fine. I came to Dr. Houssam for my self (I am his patient) out of his generosity he saw my son’s foot and turned out that his heel was dislocated, in 3 minutes my son was jumping on his foot.

Thank you so much

Nada S.

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