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After seeing a variety of back and other doctors with no improvement in my back and hip pain it was actually getting worse. I came to see Dr. Aljamal rather than get a series of injections in my back. The injections were not to fix anything, but for diagnostic purposes. Now having seen Dr. Aljamal 5 or 6 times, I have had tremendous improvement in my pain level. Actually have hope of really getting better. I love it!

Tom G.

I had severe shoulder pain in my right shoulder and after the first treatment which included massage, electrode therapy, laser therapy, traction and exercise, I had so much relief the next morning, it was unbelievable. I even bowled that night in my league and I didn’t hurt my shoulder doing it. I came back in the next day, had the same regiment and feel so much better. It’s the best my shoulder has been in a year.

Roz W.

I have been a faithful patient and would not change doctors. I feel like a new person every time I walk out the door. Dr. Sam has treated me with any and all concerns of my health and has a life-long lasting effect. He treats the symptoms instead of masking with drugs. His concern for my well being is like non other that I have seen. I am so thankful for the heart he has to see his patients truly being healed and
enjoying a better quality of life.

Elida C.

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