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Dr. Sam Aljamal opened the Back To My Health chiropractic clinic in Richardson, TX, with a mission: to help as many people as possible improve their health and quality of life while being free from pain and suffering in the most effective and affordable way possible. To date, he has honored this mission by serving more than 9000 chiropractic patients.

His care, compassion, and dedication have helped residents in and around Richardson, TX, be set free from issues such as sciatica, disc problems including degenerative disc disease, knee pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, neck pain, and more. Additionally, he seeks to help people find freedom from underlying health conditions that impede their ability to live a healthy and fulfilling life. And, thanks to this dedication and service, Dr. Aljamal and the Back To My Health clinic have been featured on NBC Channel 5 News, The Best of Texas, and America’s Best.

He is committed to providing the most effective and personalized care that each patient requires. To do so, he offers a wide range of services and techniques, including but not limited to spinal adjustments and manipulation, spinal decompression, laser therapy, stem cell generation, electrical stimulation therapies, therapeutic ultrasound, therapeutic exercise, custom foot orthotics, and much more.

Pain and dysfunction can be present from the head to the feet and can impair everything you attempt to do in life. You deserve a care provider who is dedicated to treating your whole body and treating you as an individual through natural, holistic, comprehensive, and personalized care. No matter what health issue, type of pain, or injury you might be facing in Richardson, TX, Dr. Aljamal and the team at Back To My Health are here to help you overcome it and thrive in life. Call today to schedule your chiropractic appointment.

Dr. Aljamal featured on NBC5 News, Best of Texas and America’s Best shows

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    I had awful pain in my knee and back and if it wasn’t for the treatment Dr. Sam provided I would’ve needed to go into surgery. Thank you Dr. Sam, this is my go to clinic for any health issues.

    Sabrina A.

    The experience was very good. Also very informational for explaining the source of the problem.

    Stefano A.

    I am starting a journey to get myself back after enduring chemo and the lasting side effects for the last 6 years.  Not only has Dr. Sam given me the tools that I need, but also the hope that there is a better way!  I am excited to start this process and look forward to a long and healthy life!

    Nancy H.

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